BRG's The Stonecutter Announcement

Hello Steam everyone,

This is Brave Rock Games, nice to meet you :).  We have released several Visual Novels.  The Stonecutter is the second Visual Novel we created with a staff of 2-3 people.  It contains multiple story paths, however it is a shorter story so the price reflects the length of the VN.  One of our goals with this story was to bring it to the Western Hemisphere, there are many that do not know of this classic Asian folklore. 

We believe reading is fundamentally important to any child's growth. Some children dislike reading due to lack of visuals. We are bringing visual story tales to these children. We have learned that disabled gamers, also enjoy our software due to simplicity of the controls and production value. Lastly, many adults have approached us to give thanks for creating an application they can enjoy with their child.   If you have any questions or we can provide assistance please let us know.

Thank you for your time,

Brave Rock Games

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